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The Selous National Park is the largest wildlife area in Africa; at 55,000 square kilometres this UN World Heritage site is larger than Switzerland. The concentrations of wildlife is therefore understandably huge.

It boasts Tanzania’s largest population of elephant as well as large numbers of buffalo, hippo and wild dog. Other species commonly seen are lion, bushbuck, impala, giraffe, eland, baboon, zebra and greater kudu. The park also has over 350 bird species and 2000 plant species.

In assocation with KIYODEA we have setup a community campsite located only an hour away from Kilwa, on the shores of Lake Maliwe  in the buffer zone surrounding the park. The villagers maintain the site and act as our guides in the area.  We always see crocodiles and hippos on the lake and occasionally run into some larger mammals on guided walking safaris and boat safaris.

Camping in a settlement enables you to glean knowledge from people who have an intimate relationship with the bush whilst, the financial rewards reaped by the villagers are ploughed back into health and social care for the whole community.

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