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Kilwa Ruins

Kilwa Ruins Tour

Kilwa Kisiwani- Kilwa Ruins


Embark on a captivating journey to the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Kilwa Kisiwani, fondly known as the Kilwa Ruins, a testament to the emergence of Swahili culture in East Africa.

The ruins, located on the island, offer a glimpse into history, featuring the grand mosque, constructed in the 12th century of coral clay, and the palace built by Sultan Al Hasan in 1310. Numerous smaller mosques from the 12th and 14th centuries dot the landscape, alongside remnants of a fortress and an urban complex dating back to the Portuguese era. Archaeological artifacts found here narrate tales of vibrant commercial and cultural exchanges that once flourished in Kilwa.

Just 2km from Kilwa Masoko harbor, the ruins are easily accessible by motorized ferry or traditional dhow, though sailing dhow trips may be limited during certain seasons due to unfavorable winds. At Kilwa Beach Lodge, we recommend this trip to all visitors, offering an enriching experience with mostly flat terrain, suitable for exploration on foot. For those preferring shorter walks, customized trips can be arranged with your guide.

While half-day tours provide a comprehensive overview of the ruins, full-day excursions with packed lunches on the island followed by afternoon visits to Songo Mnara or snorkeling expeditions offer extended exploration options.

Our package includes transportation from the lodge, expert guide services, and boat transfers to the island. Please note that entrance fees of 26,000TSh per person are payable directly to the government.

Experience the allure of Kilwa Kisiwani’s rich heritage and immerse yourself in its fascinating history on this unforgettable journey.

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