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Our Restaurant

Fish caught within the last few hours are the mainstay of our menu, supplemented with tender squid, king-prawns, lobster and crab all prepared by our head chef, Dulla and his team.

We source all of our fish and seafood, fresh from artisanal fishermen plying their trade at the fishing village a few hundred metres along the beach from our lodge

Most of our vegetables and spices come from the local village market and so many of our dishes are fusions of European and Swahili dishes. These include Kachumbari, a cooling, spicy salad and Maharagwe, beans cooked in a creamy, coconut sauce. The coconuts are harvested from our beach, which was a former coconut plantation.

For meat lovers the menu includes European twists such as braised Okra with crispy bacon. If you’re not keen on fish don’t worry, bacon, sausages, chicken and steak are also available. Vegetarians will be in heaven, the markets are heaving with pulses which are central to the Swahili diet. Please give us advanced warning of likes, dislikes and dietary requirements. We can also arrange special group meals including goat and duck, let us know if you are interested.

Our Bar

 Situated on the sandy beach of Kilwa Beach Lodge; Babu’s Bar is an ideal place for a refreshing moment under the sun or beneath the shade of the palm tree bar.

Despite the breeze it gets hot in Kilwa, but don’t worry ice-cold soda, beer and wine is always available.

At sun-down we serve cocktails made with fresh, seasonal produce be it watermelon, mango, or exotic jack fruit. Ali, is our head barman and is always on hand to mix the latest cocktail, his Long Island Iced Teas has come to be know as a force to be reckoned with!

The area is spacious so you can choose your mood, either lounging on our floor mattresses or buzzing at the bar. We offer a full range of drinks both local and international

The bar is named after the original founder of the beach lodge; who used to camp on the bar spot when the original overland camping safaris visited.

Why Our Guests Keep Coming Back


Our Restaurant Serves Everything But Specialises In Fresh Seafood.


We Offer Free Kayaks And Paddleboard For Inhouse Guests To Use.

Kilwa Kisiwani

Nearby Medieval Swahili Trading City With Impressive Ruins On An Island.


Miles and miles of deserted beach which really give that Robinson Crusoe vibe.

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