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There are many ways to experience, Fishing in Kilwa. We are able to arrange the following trips:

  • Game fishing in one of Africa’s highest regarded fishing areas.
  • Artisanal FIshing
Artisan ​Fishing​

Local fishermen are happy to take guests out in their dhow boats, which have ploughed the Indian Ocean for 1,000 years. Learn how to sail these wooden vessels, then relax with a rod and tackle.

Game Fishing in Kilwa Waters.

Many of the first tourists braving the previously hard journey down to Kilwa were fishermen looking for that next big catch. The waters around Kilwa are highly regarded for game fishing with Tuna and Sailfish commonly caught and some big game species such as marlin & King fish occasionally caught.

Over the last decade game fishing in Kilwa has become known throughout the international fishing community as a hidden gem. The vast number of large species caught regularly includes Giant Trevally, Sailfish and Dogtooth Tuna. This is a great destination for those who like to fish from boats for big game fish, with kingfish common and marlin occasionally caught.

We are able to offer full day fishing including all equipment with local operators in Kilwa, please let us know your requirements.

Other Activities

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Kilwa Kivinje

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Kilwa Masoko

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Proudly sponsoring NGO KIYODEA, we support education, medical care, AIDS awareness, and the Kilwa orphanage, fostering positive community impact.
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