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Many people ask is the lodge a good place for family in Kilwa. As parents we know that finding a reliable and family friendly hotel in Tanzania can be a struggle.

We have therefore developed a program to allow your children to enjoy their holiday while giving you time to relax; everyone.

We offer a specialist children’s menu and early meal times for your  children, this can then be followed with our 24 hour babysitter and allow you to relax and enjoy your evening meal. 

During the day we have staff members that can watch children as they swim, explore and play on the beach and in the lodge grounds.

Finally, we are very flexible and understand having children so can help tailor make your holiday for the whole family in Kilwa.

Family In Kilwa

We offer a children’s menu & early meal times.

24hr babysitting available. 

Activities for younger & older children.

Cots & High Chairs available by order.

Under 12s free of charge when sharing with 2 adults


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